The place all of you WISH you lived.
You're just jealous!!
by mE March 16, 2005
Normally reffered to as " 'Murica ", it is a country that is unable to mind it's own business, even though it has plenty of problems of it's own. It's inhabitants are described as large, unintelligent, gun-wielding, unemployed racists who make hourly visits to McDonalds. These creatures detest being spied on by the NSA, with the main reason being that they don't want the government to see them watching porn. Speaking of governments, theirs sucks.
The United States of America needs to get its shit together.
by Cassie Moner July 14, 2013
pagan indoctrination
right from the get go and to this present day
U.S.A is the land blessed by God, but a nation where the peoples cursed by GOD live in.
by Ack!~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 04, 2003

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