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A dance in which the feet and hands are moved. You stand up with your hands outward in a fist and pull them toward you. As you are pulling your hands toward you, you slide one of your feet back, but stay in the same spot. This is called the Running Man, a popular '80s dance.
Look at that girl do the Runnin' Man!
by Alex February 10, 2005
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A sexual display undertaken by men.. To strip naked and swing yours arms back and forth as if you are running while standing stationary, causing the hips to twist and the penis to slap against the thighs. Once the running man is sped up to a sprinting pace, the slapping sound of the penis on the thighs becomes impossible for women to resit.
James - "Bob managed to pull that 10/10 bird at the club last night"

Rico - "How'd he manage that?"

James - "I heard he showed her the running man in the disabled toilets"
by KeefJackson June 08, 2013
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The act of pleasuring a woman by rapidly stimulating her clitoris with your index and middle fingers in a manner similar to two legs running a sprint.
Seemingly bored by the stimulation of only one finger, I proceeded to give her the privilege of experiencing the running man
by Double H and MP July 22, 2008
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A sexual act perfomed by a male and female. Where the female bends over and touches the floor, while the man runs out of the room there in, then stops at a distance where he thinks he can gain enough speed to complete the act...the act is that the man runs back into the room and when he reachs the door he leaps and trys to stick his sex muscle into the girls anal passage way...
Man talking to his friend:
Man 1: Man I tried to do the running man last night and broke my love muscle
Man 2: damn that happened to me before
by JOHN DOE23 May 28, 2008
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