- Pwned by g0d.
- What a n00b.
- incredibly funny.
1: The pope got PK'd by g0d. What a n00b.

2: On one hand, it's sad that a human has died. On the other hand, it's incredibly funny!
by Molested Child April 03, 2005
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Master and Commander of the Pope mobile.
To the bubblecraft!
by wysiwyg February 17, 2004
the head of the catholic church who is usually considered to be extra holy, and is known for wearing big funny hats, and riding around waving in a bullet-proof car, a.k.a. the "popemobile".
i think the pope gets much of his authority from wearing big funny looking hats and long golden robes and weird stuff like that.

a catholic friend told me "the pope is dope", and i believe him.
by mike johnston February 10, 2008
Leader of the Catholic Church

Heads a religion that teaches that rich people cannot go to heaven, while living in a palace and wearing gold.

He is sometimes called "His Holy Father", which is forbidden under his religion
The Pope-"I am the Holy Father"
Jesus-"Call no one Father as there is only one Father in Heaven
by littlegeorge February 03, 2010
The god guy. They're not very creative, part of the reason they all have the same name. Formerly John Paul II, but his magic pope powers couldn't keep him alive forever. Rumored to fly over Vatican City at night.
John Paul II used to be pope, but now Christians have a German Shepard.
When you are very good at something.
Man that kid is the pope at basketball!
by TurdBurgler April 06, 2005
A short, bald, insecure, chain-smoking, fat-ass who sucks at golf.
Hey, let's hang out with The Pope - that'll make us feel better about ourselves.
by Mitchum August 19, 2005
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