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Used as an abbreviation of the police. Has hateful connotations
"Screw the po."
by Stephanie October 29, 2003
once referred to?............
see the latter.................
by landonisthesheit January 05, 2005
The "Party Of Seven" (once referred to as "Pieces of Shit"). A group (lasted approx. 3 weeks) of gurlz from Whitman High School. Members names include: "The Hook Up", 'The Transportation", "The Katerer", "The Joker", "The Mediator", "The Planner", and last members name remains anonymous. Although this group caused controversy throughout the grade, including "the Six" (see definition), these gurlz are party animals. Theme songs include: 'Deliverance', 'Poppin Ecstacy', and 'Yo Neck Yo Back Lick my Pussy and my Crack.' Shout out to Simon/Jesse Goetz for the nights we'll never forget with the friends we already did.
Hey Whitman! Come out and support the POS as they duke it out in the 2nd Annual Gingerbread Making Contest at the "Girls Night House"!!!
by November 12, 2004
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