A movie about a guy who doesn't and never did exist getting beat by jews for about 2 and a half hours and forced to carry a wooden cross that he would soon be nailed to and die on it. Was a cool movie except they should have had someone like Adam Sandler beating this fuck or atleast Tom Green. Would have made the movie about 10 million more dollars.
Weird Fucker: Did you see the passion of the christ? I loved it!
Ralph: Yes i saw it, i was getting head in the theatre while it was playing
Ralph: ... **!BANG!** See you there
by Mark O. S. September 21, 2005
A movie directed by Mel Gibson depicting the last 12 hours of Jesus's life.
Before you become an ignorant asshole and bitch about how anti-semetic it is (which it is not!), why don't you see the movie?
by Pissed Off Person April 25, 2004
good movie. im not gonna say it made me a jesus freak afterwards, or that it was horrible because christians are stupid...because there not, they just believe different things. im actually glad someone decided to make a movie showing what actually happened, since the bible didnt really go into enough detail to show what it was actually like. oh, and for the guy who wrote the 9th definition...jesus is real...hes in history boks, and hes accounted for in every religion...even athiests believe he was real...are you like...stupid? anyways, the point is it was the depiction of a man who was tortured for what he believed, and while i dont agree with the religion, i thought the movie, wile gory, was beautiful.
athiest (the stupid kind, not the nice ones): "that movie was horrible because im one of those prick athiests that think that im smart because i dont believe in anything, when actually i do believe that there is no god...thus meaning that when i say your an idiot for believing in something...im an idiot too"

super christian (southern babtist usually): "the passion of the christ was amazing!!!!! everyone who isnt instantly converted to my religion from whatching it is a satanist and will burrrrrnnnnn!"

sensable person: "nice movie...it didnt really move me twards this or that, and didnt draw me away..but nice movie
by freakincody7 May 17, 2008
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