I refreshing alcoholic beverage first created by Meat Axe at the Normanby Hotel in Brisbane, Australia.
The Lobster consists of
1 half shot Amaretto
a quater shot Chamboard
a quater shot Cointreau
a squirt of lime
shaken over ice and topped with lift.

Ofter referred to as "The Lobster"
Girl 1: (to bartender) I'll take a lobster please
Girl 2: (to girl 1) did you ask for The Lobster, everyone is drinking those!
by Meat Axe February 19, 2011
Top Definition
is the performing of the shocker to two different women at the same time.
Ahern had to wash his hands after administering the lobster to those two older women in vegas.
by kook February 17, 2005
when you administer a shocker to two different girls at the same time.
Ahern administered the elusive lobster on those two women he met in vegas.
by kook February 16, 2005
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