The greatest punk rock band to come out of Melbourne, Australia and these guys rock!!! I own their albums: The Living End, Roll On, and Modern Artillery. It's the only punk rock band that is my favorite out of all punk rock bands out there!!
The Living End makes the greatest Australian punk rock music ever!!
by GOP_Rocker June 10, 2005
Top Definition
Anything particularly outrageous, absurd, or scandalous. Usually accompanied by a wave of a limp wrist, and used as follows.
"Oh Jackie, you are the living end!"

Meaning: "Oh Jackie, you are so outrageous!"
by Danny Delinquent December 29, 2003
The Living End are not a punk band. They play their own style of rock inspired by punk, 50's rock, rockabilly and numerous other music styles.

The current members are Chris Cheney (Guitar, Vocals), Scott Owen (Double Bass) and Andy Strachan (Drums).

They have recently released 'State Of Emergency', their fourth full length album.

They are all very talented musicians in their own right, and together as a band, they are awesome.
Chris! Scott! Andy!

by highway to mel March 05, 2006
An Australian Band. Known for their punk rock Style. Had many hits including Roll On, Prisoner of Society and Second Solution
Another Australian band, just like Jet, Powderfinger or Machine Gun Fellatio
by Sporadic March 18, 2005
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