As everyone familiar with popular culture knows, “lambda” is the "L" word. In mathematical logic and computer science, lambda calculus is a formal system designed to investigate function definition, function application and recursion. It was introduced by Alonzo Church and Stephen Cole Kleene in the 1930s as part of an
investigation into the foundations of mathematics, but has emerged as a useful tool in the
investigation of problems in computability or recursion theory, and forms the basis of a
paradigm of computer programming called functional programming.
I'll use The L Word in my computer science project.
by ThaddeusTheGreat April 21, 2010
Top Definition
1.the reason why i subscribe to showtime other than Queer as Folk.
2.Katherine Moening (Shane...yeah)
bette: why is it so important for you to believe that everyone is sleeping with everyone else?
alice: because they are.
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
Showtime series about a group of gay, bisexual and straight women in Los Angeles.
Shane from the L Word is hot.
by Amy August 25, 2004
1. Another reason(other then Queer as Folk) for homosexauls and bisexuals to watch Showtime.

2. An excuse to stare at Katherine Moening.

3. A good show that sometimes can get pornographic and has a few to many main characters (like 9).

4. A show that is often confused to be about straight women and love becuase of it's title other then lesbian and bisexual women.
"Everyone shows that Shane is the hottest one on The L Word."
by Lieske June 25, 2005
A show about a group of gay, straight and bisexual women in LA
I like The L Word, its a good show
by Biddy July 05, 2005
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