Nicholas Jerry Jonas started a band named the Jonas Brothers with his two older brothers, Josheph Adam Jonas and Paul Kevin Jonas II.They are amazing and very hott.Some people hate them but that is because they think they relate to hannah montana or because they are a disney channel band.Those people are stupid and will learn one day.The jonas brothers have the coolest concert....They have lights,fire,laser,fireworks and powder!!!!!

be nice and repect them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by GeorgetteJonasXJB@ July 14, 2008
the best band in the universe. Anyone who doesn't like them is either
a) jealous
b) a freak and doesnt know what their missing
c) hopelessly confused (its okay, theres still time to get help from a fellow fan)
Kid 1: The Jonas brothers rock!
Kid 2: I know right??
(they look over and see a random kid drawing a mustache, obnoxious nose, and glasses on the jonas brothers poster)
Kid 1: Lets go jump on him until he gets the message.
Kid 2: Sounds great!
by RoxyGirl March 26, 2008

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