The horn just means you have the fucking horn! Having the horn refers to a want in sexual desire. The horn-bearer wants it. Sluts have the horn and will take such horn. Most guys have the horn as general rule. If out at bars its always a horn-off, (often referred to as flirting), yet one must be cautious in horn judgement as its never true love. The horn for males can extend to various and great lengths.
That striper keeps looking over. She has the horn so bad, but shes fat and ugly so too bad for her.
by clubanzac September 06, 2014
Euphemism for an erection/the process of getting an erection
Looking at young pictures of my mum gives me the horn. Don't judge me
by cockneyknowledge May 10, 2015
(p.noun) alter ego of Einhorn
(verb) to subject an individual of the female persuasion to a backdoor rodgering not likely to be forgotten.
"ahhh, The Penix gave her The Horn last night, she was limpin' good!"
by Black Belt Jones September 18, 2003
First started by Tommy Iommi of Black Sabbath fame, due to his lack of middle and ring fingers (on his fretting hand) because of a machinery accident in the early years of the band, this is now a worldwide recognised gesture, often used in conjunction with the words "Rock On".
Rock On this is a fucking awesome gig! *The Horns*
by Nymphetaminegirl April 14, 2006

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