Large residential complex located in Basking Ridge and partially in Bedminster, NJ. Everyone knows the hills should be it's own town. People who live in the hills know it like the back of their hand, but somehow everyone else gets lost. A lot of the houses look exactly the same and are all very close together. The trees are always perfectly aligned and the grass is always cut, thanks to all the sketchy illeagal mexicans. Not only is there a school up here, we've got rite aid, dairy queen, and a liquor store too. How more Pleasentville could you get?
Yo dude, we're gonna go to Friendlys in like 5, wanna come?
Yeah i'll be there in like 20
Oh yeah..forgot you lived in the hills
by bmw111 January 04, 2008
Large group enormous houses, not unlike the suburbs, usually inhabited by rich white couples with no children.
"Well, George, how about we jump in our Porsche and drive over to the hills for a spot of tea and maybe a match of cricket?"
by Dustan Curtis April 24, 2005
area that is IN BASKING RIDGE..has the best parties, and is IN BASKING RIDGE..
Yes, the Hills is IN BASKING RIDGE
by ithinkmenrcool May 04, 2005

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