A television show that is at the forefront of the downfall of American society. Recent studies have shown that The Hills has aided in the existence of 100 million pointless arguments per day, most often occurring between teen to early twenty year old females who relate to the devastating issues a filthy rich, uneducated, ignorant person from "the hills" of California experiences. Anthropologists agree that this detriment to society could have been avoided through the use of logic and reasoning in communication, something the producers and actors of The Hills take pride in lacking. The study released the following warning signs for parents and friends who have not yet been stricken with the mental retardation that occurs after viewing only one episode:

1. After using words like integral, ionic, colloquial, the female has glossy eyes followed by an abysmal stare and possible fainting.

2. The female has moved to heavier programs (known as reality mainlining) such as The Jersey Shore or Rock of Love.

3. During programs like Family Guy or Breaking Bad the female avoids the television and logs on to facebook.

If you know of someone with these symptoms you should consult your local library using similar tactics Reggie from The Basketball Diaries used to help Leonardo DiCaprio kick heroin.
Man my girlfriend is being a real bitch today. I mean more than usual. She must have just watched The Hills.
by Diffiv May 04, 2010
Slang term used by YWP (young white professionals) for Capitol Hill in Washington DC. A place filled with corruption, bullsh*t and interns more eager than a groupie at a 50 cent concert.
Hey, I just banged this hot chick, she works over on the hill.
by meathelmet October 05, 2005
The Italian neighborhood in south St. Louis, laden with many excellent restaurants, also markets and bakeries. Affectionately known as "Dago Hill" back in less politically correct times. Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola were born and grew up there.
There are at least a dozen good restaurants on The Hill.
by Woody Thomas January 22, 2006
Common term used by most cadets for referring to the physical location of the USAF Academy. Preferable to "the zoo" (infrequently used except by tourists although well-known by cadets), or "the academy" (considered too formal for use by actual cadets).

Used because the terrazzo section of the academy grounds, the main surface between the cadet dorms, academic building and chapel, is 3 stories above the terrain on the outside of the dorms and academic building, and is at a higher elevation than most of the surrounding terrain to begin with (except for the mountains to the west, of course)
Spike: It's only 9, wanna hit another bar?

Mike: Nah, I'm gonna head back to the hill.

Spike: Dork. Don't forget to shine your boots when you get back.

by Joe Stract November 25, 2006
big green yoke in the middle of town
often full of "hippies"..

usually filthy litterd with old crate boxes ,beer cans , and passed out people
someone: dya remember we drank that huzzar behind the hill?
other someone: awe me stomach!
by yourone March 26, 2009
The corner of 61st and Nebraska ave. in Milwaukee, WI outside of Hamilton High School. This is where stoners, goths, metal heads, rockers, and juggalos congregated in the morning to smoke weed/cigarettes, blast music, and piss off security. Mostly between the years of 2002-2006. Also the spot where the MPD conducted a raid on falsely accused cocaine dealing students.
I got a blunt, meet me out on the hill tomorrow morning.
by SubnoizeRat February 10, 2013
little inset in a town called keswick for doing deeds! like smoking etc.
A:Are you going to the hill?
B:Yeh you got some fags?
by twaaat May 13, 2006

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