Rapper who sounded pretty good when he was underground but in January 2005 he came out with a shitty album called The Documentary. After this release, his labelmate 50 Cent started beef with him. The Game probably thinks of it as publicity but in reality it will do nothing but fuck up his career. If and when he comes out with another CD it won't have shit for sales.
The Game blows. He should stop making records before G-Unit eats him alive like they did with Ja Rule, Joe Budden and Jadakiss.
by Rootbeer June 25, 2005
Worst Rapper ever.Kicked outta g-unit for being a pussy who makes too many references to NWA.

John: youre sucha pussy
Lloyd: Like the Game
by 50cent_aka_ferrari September 17, 2005
The Game - made that new song with 50 Cent. actually a hot song, but NOT beacuse of The Game. but beacuse of 50...

i dont understand a word The Game is saying.
and everybody in here, at urbandictionary.com, says that he is so hot.

naah, he's not hot... he's kind of a bad rapper
maybe The Game is so popular because 50 Cent is on his new song
by claus February 01, 2005
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