A homosexual, conceited rapper from Compton. Claimed in an interview to be "as good as 2pac and Biggie." Also stated in this interview something along the lines of "At da end of da day, a lotta people will be mad att me fo sayingz thingz likez dat, but i dun care." Thinks he is hardcore. Thinks he is a "gangsta". I prefer to call him "The Gay"
The Game: "I certainly iz on da same level az 2pac and Biggie, if not higher. At da end of da day, a lotta people will be mad at me fo sayingz thingz like dat, but i dont care"

by Zeebo the Barber October 28, 2006
An entertainment to some, but not to others. The Game happens when you and and your most trusted friends pick out a target. Then, through surreal events like cryptic notes on their doorstep and wierd happenings they have no control over, you destroy their life. A most extreme example would be the movie The Game with micheal douglas. Someone must start the game by leaving a not saying. "Lets play The Game"
"Lets Play the Game"
by Destimoney=proof March 20, 2007
1)Gather all your friends (if u have any)
2)Choose a victim
3)Get everyone to ignore that person, no matter what.
4)When person approaches, and more than one competitor of 'The Game' is nearby, both must yell 'The Game', loudly, until it has attracted the victims attention.
5)The last one to communicate with the victim wins.
'She's coming...!!'
'Guys, why are you doing that?'
by TtoggabSelig November 11, 2006
An impossible-to-win-game (a.k.a. VVVEEERRRYYY HHHAAARRRDDD GGGAAAMMMEEE) that consists of dozens of rules.


Basic Rules:
1. If you think about The Game, you play The Game
2. If you think about The Game, you lose The Game (LOL, you lost... SHIT!)
3. If you lose the game, you don't lose again until you have forgotten and then remembered again.
Dude 1: "When life give you lemons, you just lost The Game."

(Rule #38 at website above: You cannot have a winning streak)
by fishboyultra December 12, 2008
The game played by stoners who in their minds are chosen to conqur the world of stonerism one day at a time by doing missions, frollicking through meadows, cracking imaginary codes, trying to find the scientist , while they are up in smoke only to create eye of the toke,Just to find out that they are puppets on strings.
Evey swatted at invisible villains with a fly swapper, while she was playing the game.

Amber laughed at a firetruck for 20 minutes during the game.
by eveysexx September 07, 2010
The Rap Music.
by Fangsta March 25, 2003
The game in which you show your testicles and or penis to an unexpecting person who is in the same room. If they are caught looking, you get to kick them in the ass while ridiculing them about how much of a faggot they are.
Methods known to have been used are:
1) The Brain: squishing your testicles together so that they look like a brain.
2) The Goat: tucking your penis and testicles between your legs while mooning the person.
3) The Wristwatch: Wrapping your cock and balls around your wrist.
4) The Bat Wing: Sheltering you're penis while stretching your sack just enough so that it looks like a bat wing.

Among others

Prankster: You know the smartest organ in the body is?
Unexpecting person: What?
Prankster: THE BRAIN!! *shows cock*
UP: *looks unexpectredly* AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
Prankster: HA FAGGOT!! *kicks UP in the ass.*
And that's how you play the Fag Game!

I showed tony the brain and kicked him in the ass,and patrick said "Does becky know u go both ways!". "thats how you play the game",said tony.
by Patrick Staton June 25, 2007

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