loud mouted pussy ass bitch raper who sucks now that hes out of gunit
the game is ungratefull to 50 cent and is a little cunt
by moon man March 04, 2008
"The game" is not a lame rapper from Compton, but what people in Compton and other poor areas use as Foodstamps. Unlike in the olden days of paper foodstamps, foodstamps come in plastic to "lessen" the embarassment of getting government handouts. Also known as EBT, foodstamps is given out once a month by the government through tax payers money. "The game" is often used to buy groceries, beer, liquor and drugs. Once on the game its hard to get off the game. Term, comes from drug dealers and hustlers, since their occupation is illegal they themselves do not pay taxes from the money they make so they are eligible for "the game." True Gamers have more than one card.
"Charge it to "the game" my boy, Old E on Me"
by qgold187 August 15, 2007
a game in which a certain point value is attributed to certain sexualy oriented activities. Scoring is as followed. The game was invented for but not limited to men.

Make Out/Feel Up......1 pt.
Finger................5 pt.
Hand Job..............8 pt.
Tit-Fuck..............9 pt.
Head/Eat Out..........10 pt.
Sex...................50 pt.
Anal..................100 pt.

The Game does not have an ultimate winner, unless its an obvious landslide. However, the game doesn't end, even if the winner is determined. It also takes a lot of dedication considering its lack of an off-season.
Johnny scored 10 pts in The Game the other day when he got a blow job from the local tramp.
by Jon Kobes and Johnny C November 21, 2006
when a male tries to cover an entire urinal or multiple urinals in his own piss. this requires great aim and stamina.
i was playing the game the other day when some booner caught me. i only got four urinals.
by adam h March 01, 2005
the rap (hip hop) industry.
"the game is for real": The rap industry is for real.
by Lee.J March 07, 2004
A bitchy Rapper, he was apparently an artist doing bad about to get shelved until 50 found him. Then he brought him up as he was also rising to fame through his training with Em (50 had been rapping since 1997) to be part of his possy G-Unit.

For a while things we're fine, Game had alot of endorsement from Mobb Deep a old school hip-hop group who were also in G-Unit on G-Unit radio. Apparently he had some relationship with Young Buck but its rather blury about what happened. Then Spider Loc joined and this was sort of the beginning of the end for him in G-Unit. Young Buck heard there supposed conversation through the phone and Game was acting like a punk in interviews apparently. Then he had his loyalty questioned when he didn't side with 50 against other rappers, 50 accused him of not giving enough credit for him in his new album saying he wrote most of the lyrics and then Game was kicked, there possies met up and fight erupted which ended in the death of Game's brother, which he later admitted to attempting suicide twice in 120 bars and runnin. The strange thing that happened next was that on his response mixtape he had three songs with three different views of what happened, first he got kicked, the next leaning on getting kicked/leaving then the next leaving. Apparently he also accidentally dissed M.O.P. , he kept pointing fingers are Mobb Deep turning them against him, as well as pointing fingers at Young Buck who was already against him. Not only was Spider Loc in the beef but practically every other new school Compton rapper came forth from Papa Smurf to the son of Eazy E, one of Game's idols, Lil Eazy. Game's diss's themselves were largely "G-Unit suck dicks" and the like, the impression I got is that he really had nothing on them at all. before I go onto Loc's disses, the video, the Documentary Revealed, showed that not only were the Compton Crips against him, but so where the Compton Bloods, the gang he obsesses in his songs for being in. They went in and asked Bloods and Crips who he was, amazingly even a intelligent Blood in jail said he never heard of him, only his brother, who apparently is where Game got all his stuff from. Yet regardless, he kept calling 50 and Loc fakes, disregarding the fact that Loc can cite which sect of Crips he was in, and 50 has a mug shot showing even more proof he was real, while the only people in Compton who were with him was his possy of 10 people. Even going as far as over capitalizing on the so called "snitching" 50 did on his neighborhood drug dealers, even though no arrests were made meaning either the info was worthless or he lied.

But eventually after a long diss session on mixtapes he finally went on MTV and he and 50 declared there beef over. But its really hard to tell if Game was really loyal to this, this didn't mean that he didn't have beef with the Compton rappers still, and its hard to find a song by him which doesn't attempt to diss G-Unit and Dre. Even still, he went on solo and made songs like One Blood and Strip Club, which for me were pretty average, on the level of Cassidy, they suffer the same problems, they all have horrible songs and some all right songs, but there bad qualities are displayed in even there best songs, bad rhymes and the like. Basiclly, this is why I call him bitchy, he still bitches about leaving G-Unit probably up to this day.

In 2008 he resurrected the beef when G-Unit members started leaving, like M.O.P., since they didn't have to bind to the agreement he started dissing G-Unit again. For a dumb reason like that, thats not enough to hide the fact that he's still bitchy about 50 killing his bro and leaving G-Unit.

In the end, 50 is better then him, he's a bitchy fake ass gangsta and while even getting Young Buck as an ally, he took less time to get over leaving G-Unit and now he's cool with G-Unit and left the beef scene, Olivia is gone, he sided with 50 on the Rick Ross vs. 50 beef leaving him with no one.
fuck with game and get fucked doggy style.

an example of The Game diss's
by archiver August 31, 2009
The exact opposite of what relationships are supposed to be about: honesty and vulnerability. If you put on an act to get laid, chances are that you are doing so only because you want to impress your friends or impress women. Although if you are living your life merely to impress women or impress your friends, you are not really standing up for yourself.

Don't ever feel that you need to change who you are to impress the crowd. Stand up for yourself and stop playing the game!
I thought that playing The Game was supposed to make people more confident and assertive. Hmmm, instead it seems to make people insecure losers who are unable to accept themselves and feel ashamed if they are viewed as unattractive by their peers. More like the image of self confidence and assertiveness rather than honestly feeling that way.
by anonymous6812 April 10, 2010
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