A stupid game that imature kids in my high school all play, including me. The rules are simple: (1) You all have to play the game. (2) If you think of the game, you loose. (3) after loosing, you are eligible to play five minutes later.

Oh yea, you all just lost.
Walking to your friends and saying, "Hey guys, guess what!"

Guys- "What?"

You-"The game!"

The guys just lost. Have fun!

Also, see annoying
by eric fussell December 28, 2009
You just lost it.
You will never win the game.
by Omg I'm A Neko! June 14, 2009
The easiest way to understand The Game is if you know the rules to it (please read below =)

Basic (and currently definitive) rules:

1. The Game is The Game. (You'd be amazed at how many people dont actually understand this first extremely simple fact.)

2. The object, or aim, of The Game is not to think about The Game.

3. If you think about The Game, you have lost The Game.

4. (a) If you lose The Game, you must instantly declare it to everyone around you in some manner of communication, usually by exclaiming loudly "I've lost The Game". Consequently, everyone else will then have thought of The Game, and subsequently lost it.

(b)If someone tells you they have lost The Game, you yourself DO NOT need to declare this, as from the point where the first person loses The Game everyone in the vicinity has immunity for ten minutes. In these ten minutes you cannot lose The Game.

The idea of the ten minute rule is that this allows everybody to once again forget about The Game.

5. This immunity expires exactly after ten minutes. If, after these ten minutes, you think about The Game then you have once again lost The Game and must declare.

6. (a) There is no limit to the number of times you can lose The Game. (Once you begin, you are playing forever muhahahaha!!)

(b) Some people think that they can simply 'not play' The Game. They are in denial and deserve a reality check. You cannot escape The Game once you are involved (unless you win-see Rule 7).

7. There are only two ways to win The Game, and those are:

i) to truly and honestly forget about it completely. (This also means that if you do manage to win The Game, you will never know that you have won. This is because if you know you have won, then you have just thought about it {and consequently lost}. )
ii) if the president of the united states goes on television and announces, "i lost the game"

8. If you lose The Game, and someone (foolishly) asks "whats The Game?", please either explain it to them, or direct them toward this 'manual', as the unspoken purpose of The Game is to get as many people playing as possible =)
random person # 1...(screams), "i lost the game"
random person # 2..."you bitch"
by Asher Nathaniel June 11, 2009
Rules of the Game

1.When you think about the game, you lose
2.You can only lose the Game every 30 min
3.When you lose the Game you must shout out "I lost the Game!"
4. (not sure if this is true or not) once you learn about the game you are in the game
5.Once you are in the Game you can't leave
6.You can't win the Game...EVER

Dont think of the Game or else
Man 1 "Hey guess what?"
Man 2 "What"
Man 1 "I lost the Game"
Man 2 "Dude I really hate you right now"
A 'game' so to speak. There are 3 rules to the game:

1. You must not think about the game at all.
2. You can only lose the game once every 30 minutes.
3. The only way you can win the game is if the queen goes on national TV and says 'I lost the game'.

If someone says 'I lost the game', then you pretty much lost too - you can't not think about the game when someone says I Lost The Game.
Darren: "I lost the game"

John: "Damn you!"
by Dezachu October 08, 2008
The game is a game where the sole purpose of it is to be unaware that you are playing. Once you remember you have lost the game.
The game is ran and governed by Paul Konecky of New York.
I just lost the game, damnit!
by Always Watching April 14, 2008
A fake "rapper", who was on a dating show and got dissed by a hoe, that has beef with 50 Cent who is the best rapper there is.

Me-"That nigga The Game has beef with 50"
Ja Rule-"Looks like he's my predecessor"
by Erik-Money March 03, 2008

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