You are now playing The Game.
You can never quit the game.
You can never win the game.
The object of the game is not to think about the game.

Every time you think of the game, you lose.

When you lose the game you must declare, "I lose", out loud, so that anyone around you who plays the game will also lose.

When you lose the game you have thirty minutes to forget about the game.
After that thirty minutes you're able to lose again.

Have fun playing,
Oh yeah, I lose.
Tasha: I lose.
Lacie: God damn it, you always make me lose the game. I LOSE.

Lacie: Oh, I just got a text message from Tasha, she wanted me to inform you that she lost the game, i lose.
by laceezy June 29, 2009
A game played by middle school to high school students. The rules are as follows
Rule One:
You are playing The Game.
Rule Two:
Whenever you think about The Game, you lose.
Rule Three:
Loss must be announced.
The game is an both a philosophical paradox and a simple time waster at the same time.
"Damn, I lost the game!"
"Damn, now I lost!"
by Secret Kahuna April 14, 2009
An overrated 'gangsta' rapper who showed some inital promise with his decent debut album, "The Documentary" in which The Game provided a more introsepctive take on things then his former G-Unit comrades, even if the album had a number of weak songs on it. He also had to thank the guys who produced his debut album such as Dr Dre and Kanye West since they basically made the album what it was, making up for his moments of lyrical wackness.

However, instead of developing into a better rapper for his second album, "The Docter's Advocate" he followed the same subject matter except this time he spent the whole album name-checking Dr Dre even though Dre didn't contribute to the album at all. It got to the point you wondered whether or not he was secretly in love with Dre. Also, the production wasn't as good as before meaning the experience of him going on about Dre was made even worst!

He's releasing a third album called "LAX" which is meant to be his last album and if so then good riddance! (Looks forward to Game getting out-rapped by all the guests on his own album....)

Game Fanboy: "The Game is betta than G-Unot coz hes a real G and The Documentary is a classic!"

Me: "STFU he's near enough just as wack as 50 cent, only slightly better and if The Documentary is a classic then hell must have frozen over with flying pigs inhabiting it!"
by eonerf July 21, 2008
'The Game' is an expression used to assosiate one's level of popularity. The number of good deeds one performs, one will recieve 'Big Points'. However, if one performs an unrespectable deed one will not recieve big points. The expression 'Big in the Game' is used to comment on one persons actions being respected.
"Camilla, i beg you buy me a draw!"
"Big in the game!"
by reeeeeeeeconnect March 04, 2008
Where to begin... To start with you are in the game, and if you aren't thinking about it, you aren't in the game. If you do think about not thinking about it, you're back in the game. Oh and you cannot win the game. Yeah, it is that damn annoying and immature. Tell a friend!
I told Jim about the game 3 days ago, and now he's gone insane.
by Jammers90 June 25, 2007
Former west coast stripper who went by the name of "Jessi".
Also appeared on the former television show "Change Of Heart" and got dumped by his girlfriend. He got rejected by the NBA numerous times and finally became a gangster when he landed on Dr.Dre's Aftermath label.
"Yeah I know The Game, he the bitch nigga that used to work at a strip joint around that corner"
by Kim T. January 26, 2006
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