you cannot win the game, you can only not lose.
to play the game you must not think of the game, but if you do you have lost the game.
once you lose the game you must tell someone and then that means they too hav lost the game

you start playing again after 30 mins once you tell someone that you lost the game
FUCK!!! i lost the game

hey, i lost the game
by Da Scrummage King April 30, 2010
You just lost it
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
Noun. A game, the sole object of which is to not remember that you are playing it. As soon as you remember that it exists, you have lost, must announce that you have lost, and start again.
"Damn! I lost the game."
by Thobth March 20, 2010
Something you just lost.
Awe damn, you lost the game.
by Thewinrar123 October 10, 2009
If u think about the game you lose the game.

Once you lose you must tell everyone around you that you just lost

You can never win the game
something reminds man 1 of the game.....
he turns to man 2 and girl 1, and tells them "i lost the game".......
Man 2 and girl 1 both say aloud at the same time "i lost the game"
by Soldout October 06, 2009
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