I hereby declare The Game to be OVER!! Stop worrying about losing and enjoy your life.
I lost the game.
Game over!
by TheSpencinator2012 July 04, 2011
you just lost it.
Jamie: The Game.
by QWERTY7898237p12 November 01, 2010
Something you just lost.
Boy: dad what are we going to look at on tv?

Dad: Football...

Boy: HeHe What is football? :3

Dad: a sport...

Boy:Oh yeah? *giggles* what type of sport??? :)

Dad: one with a football..

Boy:O RLY? and what do ppl call it besides football??? :3

Dad: a sport...what do you call it?


Dad: you just lost.


Dad: son i am disappoint.

Random JI joe: See kids? the trick is not to think about the game or you will lose it

knowings halve the battle
by montychughes October 31, 2010
The aim of the game is to get everyone to play the game. If you think about the game you lose the game, and then have half an hour to start playing the game again. If you lose the game, you must announce it loudly, causing everyone in the vicinity to lose the game also.

It is impossible to win the game.
Person 1: Hey, everybody!
Everybody: What?
Person 1: I just lost THE GAME!
Everybody: *groans*

-----30 minutes later-----

Person 1: Hey, everybody!
Everybody: What?
Person 1: I just lost THE GAME!
Everybody: *groans*
by Kelpa October 31, 2010
The thing you just lost.A international game played by those who question,"what is the game?" after someone says "i lost the game."which gets more people to play it.
X:wanna go play that new game i just bought?



Y: I just lost the game!

X: Fuck dude!
by bloody red dead September 08, 2010
you cannot win the game, you can only not lose.
to play the game you must not think of the game, but if you do you have lost the game.
once you lose the game you must tell someone and then that means they too hav lost the game

you start playing again after 30 mins once you tell someone that you lost the game
FUCK!!! i lost the game

hey, i lost the game
by Da Scrummage King April 30, 2010
You just lost it
by your best idiot April 05, 2010

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