1. you can't think about the game or you lose
2. whenever you lose the game you have to announce to everybody that you lost the game
3. you can only lose the game every 15 minutes

basicly, the game is to not think about the game.
charlie: i lost the game.. :(
anita: whats the game?
charlie: you don't know about the game?
anita: WHAT GAME?!?!!?!
charlie: there are three rules to the game......etc.
by cindieisthemo'fuckingprincess August 31, 2008
A Game Where you try to NOT think about it
The Rules Of The Game
1.) Your Playing
2.) You Cannot Think About The Game (If Do You Lose)
3.) All Losses MUST Be Announced (Screamed Preferably) And Then You Have 30 Minutes To Forget About It... Or You'll Lose Again

Dammit i lost the Game
by Blah Ian Blah July 14, 2008
Okay, for everyone who totally doesn't get it, the point of the Game is to not lose. There's a catch- if you think about it you lose. Then you can yell "I lost" and other people will lose, too. After you lose, you get a 45 minute grace period before you're in the game again.
If someone wins a game of ping-pong:
1st person- I won!
2nd person- I lost...(realizing what they said I LOST! YOU MADE ME LOSE! (meaning they lost the game)
everyone in general vicinity groans and shouts "I lost"
by Violent Femmes (kidding) June 08, 2007
The sickest rapper since Dr. Dre and Tupac, was formerly with the Gay unit until he realized how they like blowing each other, brought back the west coast, trying to turn Black wallstreet into the new NWA, made a movie called stop snitching stop lying about how much of a fagot ass bitch 50 cent is and how hes a snitch, favorite qoute "GGGGG-UNOT, mutha fuckas
"Cant play the game with only 50 cent"
by Doobs April 26, 2007
The Game was first on the record lable Get Low Records which is Jt The Bigga Figga's lable that he started when he was 16 years old. The Game made two albums on Get Low which were Untold Story and West Coast Ressurection. Jt and Game Started The Black Wallstreet and then Game got signed to Aftermath interscope records. The Game took The Black Wall Street with him when Dre signed Game. Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and The Game's Manager all agreed to put Game with G-Unit as a marketing Strategy. Another reason Game was put into G-Unit was because Banks, Yayo, and 50 were from the east and Buck was from the south and all they needed was someone from the west coast and he was the hottest artist at the time. Game then got sucked in cause being the numer one N.W.A. fan he thought it would be like the modern day N.W.A. Game still to this day claims to be the number one N.W.A. fan and thats why he got it tattooed on his chest. Dre produced most of Game's album and the rest was done by Kanye West. 50 helped Game in production by being on the album along with Eminem, Tony Yayo, Faith Evans, Marsha, Mary J. Blige, and Busta Rhymes. At the Radio Station Hot 97 when 50 was doing an interview one of Game's crew was shot. So when he went to the radio station and shots started firering 50 ran out the back door with seceurity protecting him. Within a week later 50 made the statment that Game's was out of G-Unit. The Game was never signed to G-Unit he was indeed signed to Aftermath interscope records. Now The Game and 50 were beefin' The Game made the song 300 bars and runnin' which killed G-Unit. Then G-Unit tried to come back at him with the song 300 shoots and gunnin' which did nothing. The Game On his own label The Black Wallstreet has came out with 11 Game albums, and one dvd that prooves 50 is not only a bitch but also a snitch. The Game's next major album The Doctor's Advocate is to drop 6/6/06.
G-Unot N.W.A. The Black Wallstreet. The Game The Game will neva be the same.
by Big-J June 01, 2006
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