you officially win the game by having sex with a dead asian ginger gay hooker with aids and a big fro-hat

this feat has only ever been accomplished by chuck norris, and thus as such is not thought of to be reoccurable.
I won the game!

was the hooker ginger?

no, i used the double negative approach.

sorry man, thats a no win there, it has to be a dead gay ginger asian hooker with aids and a big fro-hat
by hinoas June 18, 2009
Basically, you think of the game you lose the game. This is often played by teenagers who are very bored and need to get a life. Also it is played to annoy teachers. The game is never-ending and you cannot quite once you know.
'hey dude...'
'knock knock'
'who's there?'
by AshMad May 10, 2009
A widespread epidemic which plagues people across the internet. More insidious than any virus or bug. The game breaks the hearts of people globally. Here are the rules of the game:

1. You cannot win the game
2. You can only lose the game
3. If you lose the game you must start over
4. You lose the game whenever you remember the game

Side effects of losing the game:

1. Severe depression
2. Vehement cursing
3. The fwapping and phsyical abuse of anyone or anything which caused the loss of the game
You just lost the game

NOOOOOOOO! T-T *curses*

Seriously, anyone reading this just lost the game.
by Krynul April 07, 2009
The Game is a non-tangible, ever-present game that is quite frequently lost. This game is constantly lost by Scotsmen and Irish people who think of Italy in terms other than "goin' down."
By thinking about Mr. Ciceroni like that, my Irish background has automatically caused me to lose The Game.
by ScotsIrishPwns April 05, 2009
You just lost.
Damn, I lost the game!
by mahhhk February 21, 2009
You just lost it.
"Dude, guess what?"


"The Game."

"Oh, **** you!"
by Jarki December 18, 2008
1. you can't think about the game or you lose
2. whenever you lose the game you have to announce to everybody that you lost the game
3. you can only lose the game every 15 minutes

basicly, the game is to not think about the game.
charlie: i lost the game.. :(
anita: whats the game?
charlie: you don't know about the game?
anita: WHAT GAME?!?!!?!
charlie: there are three rules to the game......etc.
by cindieisthemo'fuckingprincess August 31, 2008

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