WWE Wrestler Triple H's nickname.
"Here comes The Game, he is going to be facing Chris Jericho tonight!"
by Lost April 14, 2004
sometimes is used when talking about distributing drugs
"and im all up in The Game, Cocaine" (pastor troy)
by Mekanix September 17, 2003
Some variations have grace periods
If the subject loses it then they have to declare it to the current world.

Complications such as newborn babies and the apocalypse do not factor in.

What is The Game?
The aim of The Game is not to think about The Game, because if one thinks about The Game...
Then you just lost the game.
by I'm not using my real name now March 24, 2011
Controversial west coast rap artist who's major label debut The Documentary released in 2005 and is considered to have brought west coast rap back to prominence.
Gangsta #1: You heard the 3 The Game CD's?

Gangsta #2: Ya The Documentary was great but the Doctor's Advocate was some classic west coast shit, LAX was bumpin too!!!

by Thuggin The Slap May 16, 2010
The Game is a game in which you cannot think of The Game. If you think of The Game, you then lose The Game. When you lose, you must say out loud "I lost The Game" and therefore, the people around you lose as well because this triggers them to think of The Game. The entire point of The Game, is to not think of the game. In a nutshell, thinking of The Game will result in a loss. You are winning The Game while you are not thinking of it, and only at that time.

You can yell it across the room, or you can post it on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, you may text or call your friends to notify them of your loss, and to make them fail with you.
Liz- I lost The Game
Bridget- MOTHER FUCKER! Dick tits, you made me lose.
by DIE________TWILIGHT!! April 26, 2010
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