The Game- A game played by many of which the sole purpose of is to try and truely forget your playing, if you remember you are playing the game you must re-start and try again.
Some extremist groups have been known to add a forfiet for those who remember The Game (or cause lots of people to remember) this tends to be humiliating and rather embarasing for the preson concerned
so far no one alive has yet won the game :(
IDamn it,I/ you just made me lose the game :(
by gafatape April 11, 2009
-can be played with two or more people, with at least one player under the influence of marijuana.
-the players must not have witnessed the act, or have any initial knowledge that any other player may be high.
-if one player suspects another of being stoned, they must say "You lose the Game" to that person. If the person who is suspected is in fact high, they lose the game. If they are not, the person who called them out loses.
-if the person who is high is not called out after ten minutes, that player wins the Game.
-there are different degrees of difficulty involved in playing depending on who you are talking to while high. Also known as 'Bosses'
ex: talking to policeman - high difficulty
talking to teacher - medium diffculty
talking to friend - low difficulty
-the Game never ends.
*Rob and Dan smoke a joint and go to their friend Lindsay's house*

Lindsay: "Hi Dan and Rob. You guys hungry?"
Rob: "I'm okay, thanks."
Dan: "I'm starving!"
Lindsay: "You lose the Game, Dan"
by The Humphries Effect February 26, 2009
A game of mental skill. You win the Game by not thinking about the Game, but if you think about the Game, you lose. Thus, if you think about winning the Game, you automatically lose. Once you realize you have lost, you must say- out loud- "I lost the Game." You cannot stop playing the Game once you have learned about it. I lost the Game.
Jim thought about winning the Game, so he lost the Game.
by Francesca Gallagher October 11, 2008
1. The thing that will haunt you for the rest of your life. If you think about the game, you lose the game and have to announce it to those around you. You can never win the game, despite what people may try and tell you. "The game" has spread around the country, and probably the world and has become a phenomenon.
2. A rapper
1. "Aww what a cute puppy"
"Awww I LOST THE GAMMMMEEE. Damn you for making me think about the game"
2. Jayceon Terrell Taylor
by AshleeG December 15, 2007
Rule 1: You are playing the game.
Rule 2: Whenever you think about the game, you lose.
Rule 3: Loss MUST be announced.
Guy1: Hey, have you heard about the game?
Guy2: damn it, you made me lose, loser.
by lisadanielle21 October 19, 2006
WWE Wrestler Triple H's nickname.
"Here comes The Game, he is going to be facing Chris Jericho tonight!"
by Lost April 14, 2004
sometimes is used when talking about distributing drugs
"and im all up in The Game, Cocaine" (pastor troy)
by Mekanix September 17, 2003

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