Invented by a marketing exec to illustrate how internet memes spread. Instead of playing The Game, inform your friends of how they're actually a bunch of suckers perpetuating the advertising ploy of someone smarter than them.
You just failed The Game... by playing it, you sheep.
by flaggedfortruth April 03, 2011
The Game is a game that you play by not thinking of the game. By thinking of the game, you lose the game. There is no way to win the game. P.S. - I lost the game
John- "hmm"
Jim- "what are you thinking about?"
John- "The Game"
Jim- "Damnit! I lost the game!"
by YouEclipsedByMe March 05, 2011
The one and only purpose of the game is to not think about it.
After learning about it, you have 5 minutes to forget about it.
everyone in the world is playing.
i'm playing, well, i lost
your playing.
And all loses must be announced.
Guy: darn i lost The Game!
Guy 2: i just did because you reminded me of it!
by The_Pseudonym_Of_All December 23, 2010
When a player becomes so good on an online multiplayer game he actually BECOMES the game.
Guy 1-That Neotheo guy is sooooo good!

Neotheo guy- Its because IM THE GAME!!!

Guy 1-Damnit He's right -__-
by UndeadRavenXIII December 06, 2010
if you know the game you play the game

if you think about the game you lose the game

when you lose the game you must announce "i lost the game"

wich will then cause others to lose the game

you then have a grace peirod in wich you can think about the game with out losing (ie;30mins to owever long it takes you to forget the game)

the point of the game is to get the whole world playing the game
munchie:i lost the game
derek:god damnmit munchie i lost the game
miku:i dont lose....i dont lose'..
munchie:you lost man
miku:....i lost the fucking game
by munch munch November 12, 2009
From the movie Waiting.The object is to flash your testicles to someone who must then turn around and recive a certain amount of kicks to the ass depending on how you showed your nuts to them.
The Brain-Squezing your nuts together to look like a human brain=2 kicks
The Log-Just whipin out your sack and balls=1 kick
The Batwing-Pulling your scrotum to look like a bat wing=3 kicks
The Goat-Shoving your dick and balls between your legs so when you turn around they see your ass your dick and your balls
**Feel free to make up your own!!!
I was playing The Game with your brother the other day
by Keller T August 13, 2009
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