Biggest idiot ever to rap. He claims he is a blood who was in a coma wen his own brother says neither is true. He also claims he shoots cops with a licenced gun which makes no sence cause licenced guns have a certain shot pattern and he would get caught immediatly. He also hides like a kid in highskool and makes fun of people from woods behind their house while pointing at their houses cause hes a G like that. He's also got so much money that he can keep it all in a small safe and feels it is nessesary to show everyone. He also calls 50 cent a pussy cause he lives in Massachussettes when Lame actualy lives next door to HILLARY DUFF (its true look it up). Finally when he has off time from his stripping Lame (aka Douja) likes to make dvds lieing about people cause he isnt a good enough rapper and he releases "freestyles" which take 3 months to "write". Ooo yea and 50 wrote ATLEAST all his hooks to all of his hit songs. And we all know the best part in how we do is where 50 says i put lambrogini doors on my escolade and 50's verse and hook carries th song. Same as hate it or love it and westside story. only reason Game's album is even half dencent is the Dr. Dre production which is incredible cause other wise its just a series of names that Lame rhymes togther. G-UNIT!!!!
I'm Douja... err... The Game... Hurracaine Game and I'm 50s bitch because I'm signed to his record label and still releasing records to make him richer (and for those of you who dont think he actually is since he says he isnt look at under artists. Next to his name it says wat record label he is signed to and it says G-Unit records.)
the best MuthafucKin RapPer Outa Tha G-Unit After Young Buck!
hez got a nang rap flo n the manz voice will neva get oLD
oi,u hear dat new trak from game dissin budden?
by Red-Eye December 17, 2004
The latest in a long line of poseur rappers to fall off the burgeoning production line with generic gangsta cliches spilling from his mouth at every turn, who'd be nothing if he didn't have 50 Cent and Doctor Dre singing his praises (although the former decided to stop because he forgot to act all tough or something and complimented another rapper - fucking children that they are).

Doesn't get his name from watching WWE wrestling. Honest.
"I'm a white boy that wants to act tough, so I'll buy The Game's CD and only listen to How We Do on repeat play."
by OD Smith March 10, 2005
Fucking faggot ass wannabe rapper/gangster. disloyal, disrespectful
The Game: Yo nigga, go get my new CD nigga.

Me: Fuck no man...You suck...Fucking faggot, go suck your moms dick.
by Dontyah April 08, 2006
west coast rapper that got that killed on the mic by one of the bay area finest yukmouth
the game aint nothin 2 the boss
by raid January 10, 2006
The Game is the greatest rapper alive. Heres my reasoning...
Tupac is dead
Biggie is dead
Snoop Dogg sold out
Dr. Dre all but retired
Jay-z actually did retire
Eminem sucks now

The game is easily the greatest rapper EVER off the west coast he even beats the immortal dr dre to my mind

if you dont believe me listen to We Ain't
The Game is the greatest rapper alive and the best ever off the west coast. His songs are real and he shows another side of the gangsta lifestyle that none of those fake ass gangsters do-he shows a sensitive side of himself...but not in a pussy way
by bringdaruckus16 May 01, 2006
nigga who just got kicked out of g-unit and has a ghost writer
the game shouldve stayed with bad boy instead of now beefing wit 50
by CNN March 04, 2005
another gimmick. A perfect example of an antonym of real hiphop. No talent, no creativity.
50 cent, gay unit, chingy, ja rule, nelly.
by jazzmatiq February 23, 2005
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