born into the world as Jayceon Taylor, The Game had roots of any outstanding rapper. Living in Compton, California (Birthplace of Gangsta Rap)The Game had hard knocks at a young age. After his father was accused of raping his sister, The Game was put into custody of his grandparents. His other two brothers were sent to foster homes and sisters with them. Though they lived relatively close, The Game didin't get really involved in the family until his brother, Jevon, a Crip gang member, got shot and killed.
The Game, wanting out of the hood, decided to tag along with his older brother, Big Fase 100. Fase taught him how to run the streets and set up shop. Fase, being a Blood gangmember, converted The Game into a Blood. Then, when one of his adopted brothers died, The Game went hard-core. He stole anything he could and sold everything he could. His mother, after giving him a second chance, kicked The Game out of her house.
Fase and The Game then moved to the projects of a nearby city and set up shop there. A lucrative businesss, the drug trade caught the eyes of many rivals. One night, while The Game was alone in his apartment, there was a knock on the door. When he opened up, he would get shot five times. Becoming very thankful, he spent the next five months in recovery thiking about a better future. The Game asked his brother Fase to bring him Dre’s The Chronic, Big’s Ready To Die, Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt, Ice Cube’s Death Certificate, Snoop’s Doggystyle, 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me, every Kool G Rap record, and anything from NWA.
After analyzing them, The Game came out with his own mix-tape. The CD would eventually hit the hands of the Gangsta Rap King, Dr.Dre. After signing him with Aftermath Records, Dr. Dre wanted to expose The Game to the rap game. Seeing as how 50 Cent was in the news and well known, Dr. Dre thought that moving The Game into G-Unit would give him the eyes he needed to see rap. At first, 50 Cent and The Game were getting along. 50 Cent helped The Game make songs for his album, The Documentary. But after long, the two ex-gang members' relationship would head south. After Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss came out with "New York", 50 Cent made a track for his new album, The Massacre, called "Piggy Bank". The song contained disses at Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss. 50 Cent looked for ALL of the G-Unit to back him up. But when The Game publicly spoke to MTV and said that he chose NEITHER side, 50 Cent grew pissed. Then, when 50 Cent found out that The Game was doing songs with Nas, 50 Cent publicly spoke to Hot 97, in New York, kicking The Game out of G-Unit. The interview would be cut short however, after shots were heard coming out of the Hot 97 building. Even so, The Game is a crazy raper. The Game's ability is superb in that he has a flow of words and doesn't go over the beats per minute. The Game's experences bring out the gangsta that he is and his rhymes easily out-wit those of 50 Cent. With The Documentary almost reaching platinum, The Game has proved that even the January cold can't stop his West Coast hot rhymes. His only regret? The fact that his grandma, the one who nicknamed him The Game, never saw him make it in the game...
The Game is the best rapper from the West Coast since Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Dr.Dre.
by Lights Out March 07, 2005
Horrible rapper who is in no possible way a "G". A real gangsta would not start up a childish group called "G-Unot".
He deserves to get shot in the face and then pissed on. He thinks he can rap but he can't you want to hear good music then listen to Tupac he was a real artist and a real gangsta.
Person A:Hey you hear The Game's new CD?
Person B:Nah he sucks ass. You want to hear real music listen to Tupac.
Person A:Very true.
by Ryder77 January 28, 2007
The Game reffers to the act of partaking in any form substance abuse including but not limmited to prescription drugs, recreational drugs and most of all drinking for enjoyment purposes.
Daniel J. Nunan: Would you like to play the game?

Mr. Galakanokus: Obviously lets go pick up drugs and booze.
by Daniel J. Nunan June 02, 2005
Dating more than 3 girls at one time.
Patrick Plays the game and is winning
by MaxiM October 19, 2003
The nickname of WWE wrestler Triple H, don't pay any attention to the rapper of the same name, people already forgotten him.
Only one man can call himself 'the game'
by Triple H April 12, 2005
black rapper from california which joined g-unit to represent tha west coast but was the first person to be kikd by 50 cent from tha group g-unit, 50 claims he doesnt believe game is loyal
the game is in love with N.W.A
by JstnTym420 March 06, 2005
Bitch ass rapper.

Yukmouth confronted game in a club and told game he had beef with 50 cent (game was still in gunit), yukmouth told him he got beef and game said i dont want no beef its between you and 50 i just wanna get paid. so three months later game comes out with 3oo bars and disses yukmouth on it after he said he was cool with yuk, bitch move by game. So Yuk comes out with game ova part 1 and does game good, punks the shit out him. So game tells yuk he wants to end the beef and him and yuk make the song "Peace". Yuk recorded his part of the song at the studio and bounced. Game took that part and added shit to it to make yuk look like hes a bitch, again another bitch move by game. So yuk comes out with game ova part 2 and does game again. Check out those to songs by yuk, game ova and game ova part two, their hard and games a bitch.

Shit game was trying to be a model and actor then he became a rapper, bitch with his tounge ring and on change of heart, BITCHMADE!!!!!
Fuck the Game, fake ass blood
by Mo Beezy May 09, 2006
The G-unit's biggest mistake. A rapper who never should've joined G-unit. Pussy rapper who was let go by the G-unit because he wouldn't back them up when Fat Joe was calling them out.
Anyone who doesn't back up their crew is the game.
by RayJ September 08, 2006

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