When showing so much confusion or disgust towards something, you miss out the 'what.'
Example 1:

Friend: Yeah, I f***ed your mum last night...
You: The fuck?

Example 2:
Nerd: So a fraction is a simple fact of mulitplying the numerator and taking the quotient of the denominator!
You: The fuck?
by AdGarUK March 11, 2011
The fuck is a term used in the Western most parts of Europe, it is a term that is used when one memember in a conversation is not sure of what there response to a statment should be, thus the will insert the term the fuck.

This term can also be used as a conjunction in questions.
How the fuck?

Where the fuck were you?

Holy fucking hell man how 'the fuck' did you manage to survive that you crazy son of a bitch?
by adeodatus October 14, 2010
1. Added in the middle of a sentence to intensify it. Similar to your ass and the hell

2. Short for asking "what the fuck?" which that itself is a product of what was said above.
1. Get the fuck out, shut the fuck up, wake the fuck up, run the fuck away, hook me the fuck up, ect.

2. "The fuck are you talking about?"
by FearMyAlmightyDickhole April 04, 2014
'the fuck' can be used in multiple parts of speech.

1.adjective/ adverb; for a description (adding emphasis)

2. interrogative to ask a question (with emphasis)

3. interjection'the fuck' can be used to introduce a question.

4. noun 'the fuck' can be used in place of an undesirable person/thing.
1. Turn it the fuck in!

2. The fuck is wrong with you?

3. The fuck was that?

4. The fuck went to play Final Fantasy
by lgforeman October 04, 2012
A mixture of bad feelings you get when your really scared or fear something creepy is going to happen. When you have the fucks you will most likely feel like peeing your pants, jizzing your pants, shiting your pants or throwing up.
person 1: Dude! what was that noise?

person 2: I don't know man but i just got the fucks

person 1: Me too dude i'm so freaked out right now
by SawlteeTricks22 April 21, 2011
A disease where a someone constantly craves a fucking.
Abe: I just came down with a serious case of the fucks.
Jan: Follow me behind the dumpstars.
by A bunch of doctors somewhere December 14, 2015
Just a shorter version of "What the fuck?" and it's just like fuck you mean.

For lazy people or just for the heck of it.
Person 1:" the fuck is that shit? "

Person 2:"I don't know, it looks like a dead rat."
by Astronomically Phenominal August 19, 2011
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