When you pick up a nail from an unlucky poke.
Clip, clap -- who cares, as long as you got your health?
by octopod March 03, 2004
an std that you get when someone claps *only* twice at your meat pocket or magic stick. toget rid of this unfortunate but common disease, you have to 'wipe' it off of your pink cookie or exploding pickle and clap twice at the other person; or whoever you want to get the clap (gonnorhea).
mack: hey, kyle!
kyle: yes?
mack: *clap clap*
kyle: awwww... i just got the clap!
by the masked pineapple March 30, 2005
An STD in which the vagina is loose from being fucked so much that it just kind of flaps, making a clapping noise.
That girls got the clap man, when she walks all you hear is "fwap fwap"
by Ashleigh Bennett February 16, 2006
Abbreviation for Chlamydia, not the closely related Gonorrhea

Chlamydia is the most common viral STD among teenagers
Be careful, I heard Suzy has the Clap
by Rad_ August 22, 2005

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