Only the worst show in history!.. Honestly NBC must have been on some wrong pills when they put this out.. It's cheesy characters and plot drive you nuts, turn your stomach, and make you find yourself googling about how terrible the show is.... The upsides of the show is the max malini/melinisp dude who is actually degrading himself being part of this fucking show!. Fuck I wonder why I keep going back to watch the mothafucking show.... Notice how he jumps out of nowhere and thinks he's such a badass........ fuck I'm frustrated trying to describe the show.
wasting a productive hour of your life basically sniffing shit

i should use the cape to wipe my ass
by chik-fil-a March 01, 2011
Top Definition
Cape Cod-- a vacation spot in SE Massachusetts
by M-easy July 05, 2003
The most important prize in the game of basketball, awarded to the player in a particular game who nets the most Cape Points. Cape points reward manly achievements such as blocked shots and offensive rebounding, and punish weak, pussy-ass, cowardly tendencies like passing and shooting three pointers.

Cape Points Formula:
PTS + 5*OFF REB + 3*DEF REB + 10*BLK - 10*3PA - 3*3PM -3*AST
Bonus points are awarded for Flagrant Fouls (+15) and Ejections (+25).

Dwight Howard typically leads the league in Cape Points.
Mike: "Yo man, did Dwight Howard keep The Cape tonight?"

Paul: "No, man. He was passing way too much and only finished with 73 Cape Points. Chris Bosh really manned up. He had a bunch of offensive rebounds and he finished with 95 Cape Points. Bosh is the new Capeholder."

Mike: "Nice, who won the game?"

Paul: "Who the fuck cares?"
by Cape_101 March 09, 2010
refers to Cape Coral, a city in southwest Florida.
Hey man, let's go to the Cape tonight to hit up some bars.
by FGCU42 January 27, 2009
A stupid bitch that always gets in the way, ruining your plans. The cape always tags along and will whine the entire time.
Dude the cape got us so bad.
by anticape May 06, 2007
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