any difficulty or hard-time given by another person or thing, See also, guff.
I've been trying to get this goddamn VCR to work, but it keeps giving me the business.
by Clinto-beans July 17, 2006
Giving your pussy/dick over to another guy.
"Boy you gon give me the business or what?"
by Miko.ariel August 26, 2008
The back of a person's hand, especially when it's given or received in the form of a slap.
Yo, that man just gave his girl the Business.
"You best run along before I give you the Business

by BMonz October 27, 2011
To beast another person, group or object extremely hard. The average energy output of a business dealing equates to around 4x10(1834) J. Because of inadequacies with modern technology, the emotional effects of giving the business are unmeasurable.
"Farica wanted me to pay child support, but I gave her the business and now she's a paraplegic."
by CEO of the Business August 03, 2008
An Alcohholic Beverage That Consists of Monster Energy Drink and 1800 Silver Tequila.

2 Parts Monster Energy Drink
1 Part 1800 Silver Tequila.

Taken as a Shooter or Mixed Drink...
18 sippin' with a monster drink mixed in//Whatchu call that? I call that shit THE BUSINESS!
by It's Avenir Pimpin' June 08, 2011
The definition of "The Business" is when referring to some that's very good.
You see a really nice jacket, you turn around and say "This jacket is the business"
by gudafi October 27, 2011
What poeple in Los Angeles call movie TV and music business
K: What's your dad do for a living?
M: He's in the business; he's a producer
by Lomp April 29, 2007
Oi Oi Oi!
Street punk where you belong. They say thier right you know there wrong. Bored on the street theres nothing to do. Everyday your taken for a fool. Reject you dont fit in. They beat you down, but you never give in. Never had a proper wage, no future, no job, and always told your just a lazy slob. I may have nothing but i shine twice as bright as you. I know whats wrong and i know whats right. So stick your city job and your suberban wife. Looking at you i love my life.

Oi! The Business
by Bateman October 18, 2004

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