a girl that gives way to much dome. she enjoys being a slut and acting like a complete idiot around those she wants to impress. she has a harry man-gina that smells like old rotten sushi.

"hey see the bitch, ah i cant stand her."
#man-gina #bitch #dome #slut #idiot
by who cares. March 27, 2008
Slang for crystal methamphetamine.
Tina's awful, yet I can't help but love the Bitch.
#tina #teena #christina #chrissy #meth #crystal #ice #crystal methamphetamine #methamphetamine #drugs
by zeeke March 13, 2006
My stuffed dolphin Bitchlicker, whom I fuck every tuesday with my friend. (we keep our clothes on though.)
Ah, we like drilling "the bitch"
by Bitchlicker March 16, 2004
the bitch is not the same as a bitch the bitch is the that's messing with your man
woman: she is not a bitch yes is the bitch

Woman 2: i wish i was the bitch
via giphy
by JayKnows November 21, 2015
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