The non-embarrassing way of teaching your children about sex. The bee (male) and the bird (female.)
I think its time to tell you about the birds and the bees, sweetie.
by TellAnyoneTellEveryone November 20, 2010
Top Definition
The explanation of sexual reproduction. In old fashioned times people were embarrased to discuss sex let alone tell children. So they used Mother nature as a metaphor to portray sex as a natural thing and not a crime punishable by eternal damnation.
"Now Philip, It's your fortieth birthday and I feel you are ready to know about the birds and the bees.."
by Container October 12, 2003
slang term used often by parents to explain sex. the bee is the male becuase of his stinger (being the males penis) and the bird is the woman getting stung (or fucked).
I told Sarah today about the birds and the bees. But she still dosnt understand sex.
by Sex Ed. Teacher October 07, 2003
The explanation of sex usually coming from a parent to a son or daughter.
Mom, do we really have to talk about the birds and the bees?
by Jeff October 08, 2003
noun. 1. pertaining to two types of winged animals, known for their contrary mating habits. 2. metaphor - pertaining to the delicate time in a young man's life when he begins to notice females in a 'special way,' seeing them not as harbingers of cooties, but as 'totally wordboneable.' Specifically, it refers to the courtship and love-making act commonly engaged in while in the backseat of his father's Buick.
1. "It must be spring," cried Billy. "Look at all the birds and the bees!" 2. "Son, you are coming of age now, and, well, um, I think we need to have 'The Talk.' You know, about the birds and the bees," said Father.
"Aww shit," thought Son. "I wish I were wasted right now."
by Mike Garee October 12, 2003
The explanation of sex to a young person; usually delivered by his/her parents.
"Son, it's time we talked about the birds and the bees."
by Joey October 12, 2003
The euphonism your parents used when they told you about the hibbly-jibbly.
Last night I learned all about the birds and the bees.
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
How parents explain interspecies relations to little children in a non-frightening way. Especially important to let the young understand the danger of unwanted pregnancy in same-species sex.
Little Johnny's interested in girls, we better tell him about the birds and the bees so he understands why we shag sheep.
by calandale November 17, 2014
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