A short article used by the mentally challenged residents of Southern California when discussing their freeways.
To get to LAX, you take the 5 to the 405 to the 105 and get off on Sepulveda.
by El Tombo July 29, 2005
(n.) a common slang term for the southeastern slum communities of the United States; often used by rappers, southern gang members, and those who can not pronounce the word "south"
"The S is the poorest and least educated part of the United States."
by Colorful-Ice May 25, 2004
A word used to refer to the direct object in a sentance. Often hard not to use in the defenition of "the."
Why is this one of the most popularly seached words?
by Unknown May 22, 2003
The single hardest word to define; especially without using the word in its definition
Go to the house.
by ZDF Looder November 25, 2014
Somalia, in East Africa where many pirates come from
Also where K'naan is from
This is K'naan and still reppin' the S
Comin' out of Mogadishu and still draped in the mess
by boaz0987654321 April 06, 2011
Wow, really? You're so stupid that you had to look up "The" in the dictionary. LOL fail.
You are the stupidest person ever.
by qazxsw 13 January 26, 2013
A common misspelling for teh.
The greatest game ever is Curveball.
by ArandompersonwhoisveryweirdxD December 27, 2010
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