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A wildly popular Australian musical group that targets toddlers, fashioned after The Monkees and H.R. Pufnstuff. The characters are played by attractive middle-aged men, which also appeals to the mothers of the toddlers. Often assumed as gay by those outside their target audience (the fact that their target audience is of an age that doesn't comprehend sexual orientation makes the issue irrelevant; however four of them are married with children - yet another facet that makes them attractive to moms).
Greg and Anthony Wiggle never go out into the audience during a Wiggles concert because they might cause a stampede of horny moms.

Although their songs have names such as "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear," and "Can You Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist," The Wiggles have produced some of the best contemporary pop music.
by Eyris September 22, 2006
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They are 4 australin men. Who make good musice for childern. They have 4 friends who help them. Dorothy the rose eatting dinosore, Henry the octopus, wags the dog and captain feathersword, The friendly pirate (Who has a wife and a kid)
I like the wiggles. so sue me.
The wiggles are not homosexuals
by KMDarland September 11, 2005
A tv show/music group from Australia for toddlers.
If you think the Wiggles are gay, then you are too old to be watching them and you need to get a life.
by Maria Wiggle September 22, 2006
A wonderfully overly cheerful group of australian men who entertain children - include that amazingly sexy Anthony Feild!
pour some honey on the wiggles
by paulet July 12, 2006
the most immiture thing to be dissing on this site. for god sakes, for all you 12 year olds out there saying "oh, the wiggles suck", grow the hell up. its a kid band for fucks sake. just like spongebob is a show for kids your age. its not like the wiggles want YOU to watch, its meant for toddlers and 10 year olds. and for the fag who posted the 2nd definition on the first page, i hope your reading this too, because you are a dumb fucker.
MIDDLE SCHOOL KID: the wiggles suck! green day all the way!
ME: dumbass
ME: hehe
by flipsoff April 09, 2008
the devil's music.very contreverisal lyrics focusing on satan's puppy.
the wiggles are the devil!
by futuramafan January 19, 2008
A greatly deplorable group of homosexual males attempting to entertain young infants while wearing brightly colored fashionably impaired attire, but instead succeed in expanding the gay population and scaring the hell out of innocent children by associating with plaid sea life and extinct animals who own rose gardens. The do a form of "singing" which surprisingly resembles that of bjork.
1.The Wiggles scare the shit out of me.
2. You are gayer then the wiggles, wait, that isnt possible
3. Yo mama look like the wiggles (oooooohh)
by Ellene and Katie January 01, 2004

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