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A phrase used in the aftermath of a catastrophe in order to attribute the event's occurrence to some external, uncontrollable factor.
Ray, after gambling away the boys' drink money: "Lost all the liquor money, boys."

Julian: "What?"

Ray: "That's the way she goes."

Bubbles: "That's the way she goes?"

Ray: "That's right - that's the way she goes. That's what I said - "

Bubbles: "So you lost all our drink money is what 'she goes' - she's gone."

Ray: "That's right - that's the way she goes. Sometimes she goes, sometimes it doesn't. She didn't go. That's the way she goes."

Bubbles, being interviewed moments later: "It was gonna be the best night ever, now it's the worst night ever. Fuckin' 'way she goes', he said, fuckin' way she goes..."

-Trailer Park Boys
by Chip_Whitley July 04, 2009
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1.some times she goes, some times she doesn't. thats thewayshegoes.
2.expression used by redneck/trailer park resident to explain fortunate or unfortunate outcome of event.
thats thewayshegoes when goddanm erections ruin the evening.
by Ronald Mcgoddamn Donald July 08, 2009

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