alternative/grunge/garage band from the UK, really good band, good music, good videos, they are my favorite, i recommend you listen to them if you truly want to live!
am i kidding? am i telling the truth? no one knows
*guy* hey did you get that new album by the vines?
* friend* yeah man! it kicked ass!
* guy* i know! whats your favorite song?
* friend* i don't know! they all rock!
A band that no-one buys the CDs of, but if they hear the song on the radio, they'll sing along. They won't be remembered, but it was fun while it lasted.
I was gonna get The Vines CD, but I saw something better. Such is life...
by Mariah August 01, 2004
A band that really isn't all that amazing, and get alot of bad cred. This band should only be listneed to on a rainy day with a cup of coffee, and then for a brief moment, they'll seem to be genious, but really aren't.
The Vines new album really sux, but i bought it anyway...
by littlewing May 30, 2004
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