London's Underground Metro System

Consisting of 12 lines and a light railway system:

East London
Hammersmith & City
Waterloo & City
And The Docklands Light railway

Although a unique and complicated system it is the oldest underground rail network system in the world... and it shows. Crowded trains, long delays and soaring temperatures are just some of the things daily commuters have to put up with... on a good day. My advice is to travel on a weekend and take plenty of water.

It's a fun place to doss around but not that fun if you have to use it everyday, day in day out. Skating in the underground is the best though.

Useless facts:
- Angel Station has the longest underground escalator in the whole of the underground, taking 80 seconds and raising 90 vertical feet.
-Less than 50% of the tube is actually underground
-Central London's stations are extremely crowded, the closests being just 0.16miles, making it quicker to walk.
Mind the gap

Please Refrain from Skateboards anywhere on the London Underground

This train terminates at... Edgware
by Shaun001 May 15, 2005
Top Definition
"The Tube" was made up by Brandon DiCamillo, who frequently talks about it on Radio Bam. The Tube is a long, clear plastic tube. It is used in a competition where two people, preferably men, insert an end into each of their anuses. Then they both defecate. The winner is determined by whose feces comes out the other side.
You lost at the tube
#bam margera #brandon dicamillo #radio bam #viva la bam #rake yohn
by Jessica Mdizzle February 21, 2008
a tv ummmmmmmmmm....yea
dude you're blockin the tube
by blythe_molly March 25, 2005
A shop simular to subway, the number 1 place for rigma rolls.
I had the best rigma roll at the tube
#tube #rigma roll #subway #sandwich #meat roll
by dean2105 September 29, 2005
The London Underground, the first such system in the world. Resembles (and smells like) a small train running in a sewer. Beloved of Ken Livingstone. Takes forever to get anywhere (if its running at all).
Londoner: "London's ace coz its got The Tube blah blah..."
Brummie: "Fuck that it takes half an hour to go a mile- I can go 120mph in my car..."
by oracle March 12, 2004
Another way of referring to video sharing site YouTube.
When I was browsing the tubes last night I found a hillarous video of a fat woman being stabbed in the eye with a fork.
#the tubes #tube #youtube #tubs #tubse #the #tubes
by ArgonEnigma September 03, 2011

A state of female sexual arousal wherein the vagina expands and elongates. This is the feminine equivalent of having the horn.
"You shouldn't look at me that way - you'll give me the tube!"
#wet on #the horn #horny #vagina #wet #aroused
by Sir Garence July 24, 2009
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