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when something is really cool and/or desirable.
Yo man skinnydipping is the tits!
by THeonecontainer May 31, 2005
226 114
The same as The Shit, only better because tits are great and shit isn't.
That Shit Was The Tits!
by Rob January 14, 2005
454 106
A description of somthing you show great liking to, or greatly apreciate...

Somewhat of a new way of saying ,"The Shit/ The Shiznit," but not as overrated and annoying as the two.
"Oh my god; That cat just got ran over by that semi-truck! That was the tits!"
by Brandon "Swiffer" A. February 25, 2005
392 139
outstanding, the best or fabulous
My new cell phone is the tits.
mmm...this pizza is the tits.
by OrangesAKAS October 26, 2006
102 42
a term getting fame from the movie "Girl Next Door" reffering to something in a positive light.
"Partied with Matty last night - Guy's the tits."
by jamesthe3rd February 12, 2006
92 45
another phrase for saying something is really awesome.
Hey, this buritto is the tits
by mister chigga November 04, 2009
45 17
Those chips are the tits!
by Vinnie March 14, 2004
67 43