What happens when you combine the effects of liquor and kush. Everything spins around with increasing intensity, often causing intense vomiting shortly thereafter, which usually results in the unlucky fellow passing out with his head on the toilet bowl.

Standing up seems to help get rid of them, and drinking cold water helps too, because it wards off dehydration.

Oh yeah, and whatever you do, do NOT drink or smoke more.
I smoked 3 blunts and did 8 shots of tequila, but then I got the spins really bad and passed out in the bathroom.
by ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... April 19, 2011
Top Definition
The spins is a term originated in north america, it happens when you overdrink or mix drinking with marijuana and the room begins to spin, usually causing nausea and toilet hugging behaviour. There are two things that cause the spins more than others, one being drinking Vodka and the other being Mixing rum with marijuana. A good way to avoid puking when you start to feel like this is to stand up, ALWAYS stay standing if you are sitting down and starting to spin, i say this in great confidence with years of experience behind this method.
"I was pretty drunk but as soon as we smoked that blunt i caught the spins and my night was over"
by Christopher Bowman June 27, 2007
mostly is connected to when somebody is drunk and high at once and your surrounding starts to spin. People will often vomit and to them can seem like slow motion vomiting.
tips to help this...

-stand up
-if your in bathroom open window and get fresh air
-drink some cold water

ive been here its not fun but it WILL eventually end.
man i caught the spins that night.
by natetherebel December 08, 2007
When you're totally trashed and the entire world starts whirling around you, often going faster and faster.
Beware, 8 times out of 10 means that heaving your guts out will happen in the near future, so get near a bathroom/trashcan/garbage bag.
To help them go away, stand up if you're sitting down, pick an object a little ways away, concentrate on it, count to 20, close your eyes, see if the spins are still there, then open your eyes and repeat if they are.
Often goes hand in hand with vodka.
"Shit, guys, I can't move right now.. I've got the spins so fucking bad..."
by Behest October 14, 2007
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