a replacement word for sperm.can be used to intimidate a person or being.
Let's go cougars. They don't want the sauce.Boy calm down before i give you the sauce.
by Hockmed April 21, 2010
A crazy awsome funky band that some kids from George School started. They lay down some of the the funkiest jams you should check em out.
Chris is the man, when it comes to layin down the funk man, i used to play with that fucker man
by jake January 01, 2005
When you rub your finger in the crease between your thigh and your balls, preferably after a good workout or a stint w/o a shower. You then rub this delicious gunk across the upper lip of your friend or significant other, and watch them try to run from it!
Jon was being a douche, so I hit him up with the sauce.
by BigDaddyBama February 07, 2007
See the source
by Ruxpin May 19, 2003
A way better word than "cool" or "awesome" cuz whoever says tat is a loser
"Dude that concert was the sauce man!"
"So the sauce dude"
"Anyone who says 'cool or 'awesome' is not the sauce."
by emoXisXhawt2468 November 25, 2005

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