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just to set the record straight for the rams whores....they NEVER beat the Wilton High School Swim Team at states

--- Results, Rankings, and Records ---
2004 Connecticut Girls State High School Swimming Championships
New Haven, Connecticut USA

2004 Connecticut Girls High School Swimming Championships

Team Scores

Place School Points
1.Cheshire 691.5
2.Greenwich 498
3.Darien 315

4.Amity Regional 298.4

5.Hand-Madison 298

6.Ridgefield 288

7.Manchester 185

8.Fitch 176
9.Newtown 137
10.Westhill 132
10.Branford 132
12.Norwalk/McMahon 131
13.Shelton 126
14.Farmington 123.50
15.Wilton 120
16.NewCanaan 117
17.Staples 115
The ramburger bitches are slut bags who Still can\'t handle deat!!
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