the apartments of fuck up in yuba city. on any given day you can find doucey boy, PBJ, happy g, dookie b, smokes, joey, teezy, ryan, the other ryan, and jennifer posted at the mailboxes or the park, usually drunk, smacked, high, or a combination of the threeApartments where everyone posts up at even though they dont live there
Damn, theyre smacked hella hard at the queens giggin and drinkin 40s! Dookie B: Aye PBJ u seen nigga woods or smokes?PBJ: yee dawgie dawg, they just mobbed to teezys to get a bluntDookie B: I was just over there and the said you were the the queens yadida?
by Dookie_B September 14, 2008
The ruler of the UK, Australia and Canada, sometimes called an "old hag" by people who do not give a shit about British tradition, has a group of people who are fiercely loyal to her called the Monarchists (Loyalists) and are ready to curse and insult at anyone who insults her.
loyalists 1: A guy on youtube was insulting her majesty the queen

loyalist 2: May the lord help them, what did you do?

loyalists 1: I defended her majesty with al my might

loyalists 2: did you insult the person

loyalists 1: yeah
by neeuQ eht evas doG July 08, 2009
a lady who 'rules England' because of her great great great grandma + so on.

sex pistols got what she was like in one- listen to God Save The queen.
"God Save The queen- she aint no human being.
Cos tourists are money!" Sang by Sex Pistols, describes her perfectly!
by Indie__ March 05, 2006
Female equivalent of the King. The current Queen rules over The Commonwealth Realms (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, about half of the Caribbean, the Solomon islands and Tuvalu) With varying Levels of powers in each country. Many people do not appreciate the effort that the Queen puts into her duties, and indeed would only realise how important she is to the realms if she were to disappear.

The powers of the monarch have steadily been removed to serve the purposes of her governments, for example did you know that Tony Blair had to change the laws surrounding royal authority for Britain to declare war, because the Queen said no to invading Iraq Iraq war.


Fun fact: The armed services of the UK swear loyalty to the crown, not the government, this has been kept in place by the monarchy to prevent extremist governments (British National Party or Google 'Nazis in Britain') allowing the Queen to get rid of crazy politicians with her army.
“I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else - I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations.” - The Queen
by TheletterG January 16, 2012
German usurper who is the English Head of State. Traditionally we used to cut the heads off these people once they got to a certain age but nowadays they just run and run. The Queen was born into royalty and ascended the throne doubtless believing the English God had divinely appointed her. Well she's wrong. Abdicate now or I'll damn well grab my pitchfork and lead the country's sack-clothed peasants in open revolt through you gold crested gates, you parasitic old boot.
The Queen: What are all those grotty little men remonstrating about at the palace gates?
Page: They've come for your head, m'ame.
Queen: Let them eat cake, der swinehunt!
by Lolo Bolo December 21, 2007
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