The Punisher, a.k.a. Casey Haynes, is the kid that did beat up the bully Richard "The Rat" Gale. He snapped, and bodyslammed The Rat like shit. Gale ain't sorry for what he did, cause he says that Casey started "He said go back to class". Gale started crying, and then to piss of The Punisher.
Eyeyeyey, dont bully the punisher, you will get bodyslapped really hard.
by Nick with the huge stick March 26, 2011
The is a name of a girl who proceeds to ride you cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position. The then rides you for an extended period of time until she rides too high and exposes your penis. Then with the power of Zeus she thrusts down on your penis, not knowing that it is not in her vagina. This either breaks or crushes the man's penis.
Boy: "fuck, what the hell were you thinking?!"

Girl: "what?"

Boy: "did you really not feel your ass crushing my dick?!"

Girl: "what?"

Alec: "I am getting the fuck out of here! You will never be The Punisher to another man again! Mark my words!"
by TEXASAROB March 19, 2011
The best name ever it is the name of my penis i think we all need to put the name of our penis on this site because our penisis deserve more credit
last night my wife met the punisher
by Amanda hugandkiss November 16, 2003
Similar to the shocker, the punisher involves 1 in the pink and TWO in the stink
Her poop chute is getting kinda loose, so I had to switch it up and throw the punisher!
by hobnob February 14, 2005
One Of the Many Tools Used by Tylers Mother. Used To punish poor Tyler when not behaving.
"Tyyyllleerrrr its tiiiime to geet puunnisshed!!!!"
by SlasheR September 26, 2003

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