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1 point per prius
for every red pruis you see, you win.
if you have sex in a prius, you win for life.
if you see 'the one,' you win for eternity.

how do you know which one is 'the one'?
you'll know when you see it.
Dude, I just won the prius game today.
Shut up, you cheater. you guys own a red one.
by horny korny January 28, 2010

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a game popular in some parts of california.

it's punch buggy, only you don't hit people, and you aren't looking for vw bugs, you are looking for a toyota prius. the point break down is this:

5 pts per prius
60 pts if you see a prius re fuling at a gas station
60 pts if you see a prius at a drive-thru
400 pts if you see a prius with any of the following bumper stickers:
-a pro bush sticker
-a pro-life sticker
-a support our troops sticker
-"jesus loves me"

this game can go on for one car trip, or you can carry a notepad to keep points for a long term game. if it is a long term game, people can get extra points (double) for each prius they see while riding in a prius.

*can be played for money.
She kicks my ass every time we play the prius game.
by graphic freedom June 22, 2006