cool j-rock band. did music for FLCL. sort of a poppier japanese version of the pixies.
P! that means pillows!
by brittles September 13, 2004
A japanese rock band that rules! Furi Kuri forever!!!
by Z-36 October 18, 2003
J-rock band that does the music for the anime FLCL.
The Pillows own you all.
by HT January 13, 2004
An awesome Japanese rock band. Most famous for their songs from the FLCL anime.

They encourage fans of the anime to hear their other songs, too.
Some of The Pillows' most famous songs are Ride on Shooting Star, Little Busters, and Thank You, My Twilight.
by fyo October 04, 2006
kick ass jJapanese rock band

They do the music for FLCL
Songs:Crazy Sunshine,Ride on SHooting star...
by L.T.k August 20, 2003
The best j-pop band make me know that the "moon is mine" if I take a "Ride on shooting star".
They made me know that the "moon is mine" if I take a "Ride on shooting star".
by Wesley Carvalho February 28, 2004
God I love the Pillows!!!
Sawao Yamanaka is so frikkin hot!
Thank god FLCL finally opened the eyes of all the deprived people out there!
The Pillows Rock!!!!
"My Song is your Song", "Can you Feel?"
Hybrid Rainbow, Fool on the Planet, I Think I can, Ride on Shooting Star, Funny Bunny, Strange Chameleon, Swanky Street
by Serenia December 29, 2003

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