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another name for Winter Park, a true epitome of the suburb.
When something happens in South Central Winter Park, nothing happens... it's just another wigga dead.
by KRHimself March 14, 2005
Also meaning Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Hundreds hang out, buy/smoke pot, drink and sleep there. All the inhabitants commonly just refer to it as 'the Park'
Hey Dude, I've got 3 40's so Ill meet you at our camp back in THE PARK.
by ParkWatch July 01, 2009
short for Central Park in New York City (Manhattan)
I'm going ridin' in The Park on Sunday. Wanna come?
Sure I've been meaning to see The Gates anyway

Springsteen's gonna play The Park this summer.

What part of The Park is Strawberry Fields again?
Near The Dakota, duh?

She lives on the Upper East SIde. Lofty-- 4 blocks in from The Park too.

by KiM_NJ April 30, 2006
The act of smoking weed in a secret location, either to avoid authorities or mooching friends.
Hey dude lets go to The park , ill meet you out side in 10.
by nkkillu February 05, 2008
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