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One of the greatest Runescape players to have ever lived. Sadly, he recently died due to cancer. This was first thought to be a rumor but was later confirmed by his sister. His death was greatly mourned amongst the all runescape players. He was far greater than Zezima because zezima is a nerdy fruit and The Old Nite was a kind, helpful person.
Rest in peace, The Old Nite, we all miss you.
by p00flake July 15, 2006
The RuneScape account name of a high-ranking, recently deceased player. According to his sister, he has recently died from a two month battle with bowel cancer. The Old Nite was well known for being a friendly player that would generously help players out in need of help. A lot of comments are made on his good nature and kindness. Many people have forum signatures or blurbs showing recognition to him and his death.
The Old Nite is a RuneScape player.
by xX_Fr0st June 13, 2006