the nods happen when you are trying to stay awake but your body wants to sleep... characterized by brief naps which end in a matter of seconds when your head nods and your body wakes up realizing that your trying to stay awake... usually repeated many times
jonny had the nods while sitting through his geography class
by jonnyg August 29, 2006
Top Definition
"The Nods" is a state which every narcotic user (especially heavy narcotics, such as heroin) yearns for.

It is the state in which you drift in and out of conciousness for possibly several hours on end, and is associated with the state of "nirvana".

It's literally to the point where you feel so good you don't care if you are are asleep or awake, because you'll feel great anyway

When a person has "the nods" they feel very, very good, and is typically, after a "rush" the second favorite thing on any junkie's "to do" list after using narcotics.

It's basically every junkie's dream.
Damn! I can't believe that guy cought the nods off just 20mg of oxycontin.
by nezZario May 30, 2006
the nod is a head movement that one guy does in response to another mans chick as he walks by with her, which signifies approval; she is has maintained a level of hotness.
Ryan and Amanda walk by Jack and Jane. Jack will use the nod to signify that he would bone amanda, and Ryan, um...well, doesn't nod. Jane is apparently fugly.
by Amanda Volt November 09, 2005
the nod means I am a Badass mother fucker , and i recongize that you, too, are a Badass mother fucker.
guy 1: *the nod*
guy 2: *the nod*
by purple penguin pirate January 25, 2011
"The Nod" is an act of recognition and respect that is accomplished by raising and lowering your head (nodding)when you see an acquaintance in a public place and you want to show respect for their presence.
In the Movie "Groove" (2000) the guys that run the rave dont do it for money.... they do it for "The Nod."
by Archeo Bob December 16, 2009
The nodding of the head once to symbolize a greeting, cuz we white folk to damn lazy to open our mouths and speak up. Nods are also easier to shake off than a flase "hello".
"Person nods at you", or your direction, "you nod back"
by Derek November 05, 2003
A nodding action that's capable of rectifying any situation. It is said by many that the only people capable of using the 'Nod' are those that have had it bequeathed to them by their Lebanese entrepreneur relatives.
"Sir, we have CCTV footage of you dropping a sheesha coal on our carpet, which is now ruined beyond repair."
*Nods The 'Nod'*
"Have a nice day sir."
by PapaFog August 12, 2014
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