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What Beavis of MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head wanted to call the national anthem when MTV showed the music video of the song, "Hy Pro Glo" from the Anthrax album, "Sound of White Noise" from 1992.

When the song started, he exclaimed, "Yesss! The national Anthrax!!!"
{Beavis}: Hey Butt-head, this is like that thing they play, like, really late at night when the station's, like, going off the air.

{Butt-head}: Yeah, only the music's a lot cooler. This should, like, be the National Anthem.

{Beavis}: Yesss! The National Anthrax!

{Butt-head}: Yeah, like they could play it at baseball games and stuff.
by Telephony December 18, 2012