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sexual intercourse; when a man gets horny and thusly he and his women strip and hump their pelvis's together till they yell with happiness; fucking
Leonard did the nasty last night with Molly.
by natalie January 11, 2005
216 51
john and emily did the nasty!
by christina November 11, 2003
128 28
Having sex; making out
Maricela: Yo Hector let's go to my house and do the nasties!
Hector: Alright let's go before your parents get home!
by LiL AnT January 29, 2006
10 5
The act of thrusting "Domino's Meatlovers Pizza" into a human vagina. Usually resulting in pizza remnants in said vagina, thus leading to maggot infestation of vaginal canal and surrounding genetilia.
Ben did you fuck Nikki last night?
No I did the nasty instead.
by Sailboatsmeller69 August 08, 2011
20 46